Dr. Mo Geddawi is co-founder of the "REDA DANCE TROUPE". As a solist and choreographer, Mo worked with Mahmoud Reda on new concepts and special style that raised the "REDA TROUPE" to its present international standing. He performed and choreographed for the Egyptian T.V. and several theatres. His association with the " REDA TROUPE" has continued until the present time. Mo studied and performed with the dance company "CASINO DE PARIS" in Paris and toured with them several European countries. Mo choreographed and performed regularly in the weekly T.V. show "BEIRUT BY NIGHT" in Lebanon for four years. During that period he tought Egyption folklore dances at the American University of Beirut and at Beirut Collage for Women. Choreographed and performed in the musical "THE BOY FRIEND" for the American Reperotory Theatre, and in "FAUST" for the Libanese Modern Theatre. Mo tought the Oriental Dances in Munich, Germany, where he Choreographed for the German TV and performed and acted also in feature films and in Theatres. Mo founded The" HATHOR DANCE TROUPE" in 1986 in Berlin. He produced many Oriental and folklore dance shows in several theatres in Berlin and other European cities. Mo had studied ballet since the age of ten in various ballet schools in Cairo and abraod, including the Studio of Mm. Saida Sutaire and Mons. Mahmoud Reda in Cairo, Mm.Georgette Gebara in Beirut and Mons. Fernando Rego in Paris. Attended courses on history of Egyption and Arabian dances, oriental music and rhythms, ethnology, choreography, dramatic acting, mime, comedy, stage design, folklore and other related subjects. Mo has been giving workshops, courses, seminars and lectures on Egyption folklore and oriental dances in Europe, USA, Australia and the Middle East for many years. Mo has been a permanent member of the jury for Miss. and Mr. America of the Belly Dancing contest in San Francisco for the last 14 years. In this capacity he worked very closely with his long time close friends Ms. Magana Baptiste, director of the Royal Academy of Belly Dance and Mr. Boby Farrah, owner of the dance magazine Arabesque. Mo recieved the recognition award of art in 1984 from the Egyption ministry of culture for his contributions to development and improvement of the Egyption dance, and the achievement award in 1986 from the Royal Academy of Belly Dance in San Francisco. He is also a Honoree of the Hall of Fame (A.A.M.E.D.).and member of the Int. Dance Council