Dr. Mo Geddawi masters the Oriental dance technique and is knowledgeble on its origin and development as well as on techniques adopted from various sources during the past half-century. Through his enormous dance experiences, Mo developed and established his own oriental dance technique. His choreographies are powerfull and artful. Mo teaches the oriental dance dynamics and technique and provide teachers and dancers of the oriental dance with a practical training method in the Egyption style. Coordination of the element of movements, and the basic laws of body expressiveness are explained in easily comprehensible ways. Mo`s dance classes include also classical Belly dance, Baladi and typical expressive folkloric dances from Cairo and/or other regions of Egypt. His workshops are designed to assist those who have met the many variations of the Middle Eastern Dances, to clearer understanding of the individual freedom possible within a dance technique which has been developed over many years upon human observation and understanding.